Antonio Sánchez Pineda

Developer and Student in Universidad de Málaga

About me

I am Antonio Sánchez Pineda, final year student in Computer Science and IoT developer.

As a student I liked always be involved in projects where I could learn and contribute knowledge in all of them. The most amazing projects I've developed has been in the last year, thanks to have met people like Rafael Maranon-Abreu and Carlos Ralli-Ucendo who have helped me and given me different challenges.

One of my first projects was the development of a system based on Arduino for the detection of leaks in irrigation system. Next, I started my Talentum Startups scholarship in Telefónica.
The purpose of Talentum Startups is to provide students the opportunity to work in startups. In my case, for a period of 6 months I was working with GovFaces and Nubbler. These startups are totally different each other, both in business and technology.

Thanks to this experience I started to participate in more projects. During those 6 months, I won the Best IoT Application Award in Campus Party London 2013, then I won third prize in Smart Cities Santander Hackathon in October 2013 and finally, I was one of the 20 finalists for FiWare 800k Challenge held in Brazil.

The project FiGlass is currently qualified for the final challenge Smart Society to be held in Madrid after this summer.

I am currently involved in two different projects, Like-Art and FiGlass. In addition, I am also doing projects with Google Glass and Pebble smart watch for Zerintia Technologies, a company based in Madrid.

I would like to develop my professional career in California, is an environment where you can meet amazing and very well-formed people. A place with a unique culture and ecosystem to promote innovation.

Finally, I would say about me that I love to travel, is my main hobby. I love discovering new places I have not been before, meet people from other cultures and enjoy the cuisine of other countries.

My Projects

Like Art - Wavyn

In development

Initially was named as Like-Art, but this project has evolved to Wavyn. We want to offer new tools of Social Sharing for the "things". More info in next weeks.

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Smart Management of Hotels

Best IoT Fi-Ware Application

Best IoT-based application on Fi-Ware.
Smart management of hotel rooms.


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In development

Our product gives the user notifications and visual alerts that are perceived easily by hearing impaired people. In short, they will be able to perceive the same stimulus than a hearing non-impaired person, like the door bell sound.


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Finalist in Fi-Ware 800k challenge, Brazil 2014

QuickParking is born from a very common problem in cities today: managing public parking. Searching for empty parking spaces is a tedious task that takes a lot of time, resulting in decreased productivity for businesses and increased pollution in our cities. The application allows the citizen to quickly search and find a vacant spot.

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Open Alerts

Third prize Smart Cities Santander 2013

Open Alerts was developed in just 36 hours for the Smart Cities Hackaton in Santander. The project is based on the idea of IFTTT, so you can easily configure alerts attached to actuators and sensors of your home.


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Django introduction

Course introduction of Django

During the Hackersweek in the University of Malaga I presented this introduction to Django.


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